A HIIT class with the unique experience of moves that are perfectly in sync with the music, adding precision, accuracy & flare to an already effective format.

A sculpt class with incorporated cardio with you, your body and one single bar (or 2). Learn new fun, safe and effective ways to utilize a barbell for total body work.

Based on the concept of ‘muscle confusion’, this class uses common circuit training with ever changing moves to avoid the exercise plateau. Transition from move to move, with little rest, after a rigorous warm up and never hit a lull or stop seeing improvement with your workouts again.




A kickboxing class designed for not just those at an intermediate or advanced level of fitness, but those looking to just get a kickstart for the first time ever or get back on their fitness game. ALL levels of fitness and ALL ages will get special treatment from start to finish.

A non-stop, cardio-toning fusion of standing Pilates (for sculpting and lengthening), powerful boxing combinations and dance fitness. Weighted boxing gloves can be used to increase intensity and add resistance.

True to form high intensity interval training taking you from one explosive move to another, raising and lowering your heart rate for optimal fat burning, endurance & strength building.



Where you are pushed to your own limits, not those of others and you are expected to do just that without giving into the voice that says “I can’t.” Each class will be different, exciting, challenging & fulfilling your sense of accomplishment.

Based on the popular Beach Body format, this intense HIIT workout uses timed intervals, each one more intense than the other, pushing your cardio limits time after time!

Jillian Michael’s format uses constant movement for a sustained period of time (30 minutes) with a sustained elevated heart rate to achieve a highly sought after ‘afterburn’ meaning, even though your hard (HARD) work is only done for 30 minutes, you will continue to burn fat and calories for hours after you’re done.



A true-to-form, non-stop, no-holds-barred cardio kickboxing class with heart pumping music, fat torching kicking and boxing drills and strikes that are good for your form, function, body & mind.



Find ONE weight and learn how to use it to sculpt every part of your body! From warm-up to cool-down & stretch, this class will teach you how to effectively benefit from working out with little or no equipment.


A head to toe sculpt class with the physical and mental challenges of bootcamp. Push yourself to YOUR OWN limits and burn bodyfat the right way.


A mostly lower body sculpt class executing moves similar to those that give dancers that perfect behind!



An intense series of moves to target every part of every muscle that lies ‘below the belt.’ A true sculpting class!


Using lighter weights than a traditional sculpt class, your instructor will take apart every upper body muscle and treat each section like its own giving way to longer, leaner muscles and definition like never before!

A non-stop series of exercises given as drills targeting all the abdominal muscles from the 8 pack to the oblique’s and everything in between.



A traditional sculpt class emphasizing the abdominals, glutes & all the muscles that make up the core.


Not an ordinary sculpt, this class is a series of toning exercises designed to build strength from your core, thereby eliminating the need for that heavy lift.


A very thorough sculpt! Use your weighted limits to multitask your muscles with combinations of exercises for a total body workout for head to toe toning.



Intense, full body class designed for true sculpting by carving out each muscle group and giving it special treatment. Chisel away at them all until you have your desired results.


A sculpt class that works in conjunction with the kickbox class designed to give the sculpt class experience to the novice as well as the expert.


Another HIIT inspired class where several sets of fast-paced exercises are done at 20+ second timed intervals with brief periods of recovery in between. Expect to sweat!


Cardio Dance Fusion

The wildly popular fitness format that has stormed the world and is here to stay! Carefully choreographed dance & fitness routines are layered from beginning to end and paired with exciting music from around the world. Your instructor will use non-verbal cueing to break down these layers allowing even those with ‘two left feet’ to have the most fun, fat torching experience ever!


The same dance fitness format that’s taken the world by storm gives you a version of all the same dance & fitness fun with light dumbbells (filled with sand to go with your shake and shimmy). Choreography is revamped to include weighted moves both safe and effective for your toning (& twerking) experience.

A full-body cardio jam session! Using weighted ‘ripstix’ (lightly weighted drumsticks), transform drumming into an exhilarating workout combining cardio, body conditioning & strength training with yoga & pilates inspired movements. Truly the whole fitness package!


Pilates & Yoga


All Pilates principles of core work, balance and strength are applied to a variety of exercises all done from the floor on a mat.


Traditional core based Pilates class that also uses powerful moves to transition you from position to position, adding a higher intensity cardio workout to your usual Pilates class.

Only fully certified instructors will guide you through Yoga’s group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India. Rest assured that despite the many forms and levels of Yoga, you will be able to start at any fitness or experience level, grow steadily & thrive.



The same principles as the straight S&T class with the added challenge of traditional Pilates moves to further challenge your core  and improve strength, balance and appearance.



Depending on your instructor, you’ll be pushed in a variety of ways, whether it’s by music, scenery, vocal cueing or otherwise.. you will be pushed. For either 30, 45 or 60 minutes, you & your state of the art stationary bike will be all there is and when you’re done, you’ll KNOW you had the ride of your life!


Whether beginner or expert of spinning, this class is designed to reel in your form & remember that spin is a full body experience. Learn or re-learn the best ways to use your body and bike together to maximize the improvement / appearance of less obvious “spin” areas (butt & legs) like your back and abs! Take some time out of class to learn upper body exercises you can SAFELY incorporate into your spin experience.